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14 tracks: Na Spioradan Briste Set * Hoy High Set * Bidh Clann Ulaidh * The Marquis of Huntly’s Farewell Set * Cait Na Dh’fhag Thu’n Fhichead Gini? * Ghiulain Sinn * Torpedo Supper Set * Dheanainn Sugradh Ris An Nighinn Duibh’ (Haggis Fondue) Tor Breac * Tir Nan Og * Cheese Peace Set * Restoration Day * AJ’s Set * Bha Dathan A’ Danns (The Red Tin Roof).


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Seelyhoo - Leetera

The lineup comprises Fiona Mackenzie (vocals), Sandy Brechin (accordion), Jennifer Wrigley (fiddle), Jim Walker (percussion), Niall Muir (bass guitar) and Hazel Wrigley (piano).

Second album by this popular instrumental and Gaelic song group.

The Wrigleys (Jennifer and Hazel) had already carved out a successful musical career as a duo, and later returned to their homeland in Orkney, from where they make occasional forays.

Fiona MacKenzie is part of the group MacKenzie and Sandy Brechin pops up in all sorts of lineups, including with Gary West, and has his own record label Brechin All Records.

Seelyhoo did not lack in talent and in their time were a very popular outfit.

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