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14 tracks: Meet Me After The Show * On Fire * Belfast Blues * What About Me * Is It Yesterday Yet? * Wake Me Up * You’re Everything * Joseph Black * Is There A Dreamer Here? * Born To Lose You * Postcards * Missing You * Heart Is Home * Boomerang Boy


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The Felsons - Glad

Rock/country band who have supported The Mavericks on tour.

The Felsons are led by singer-songwriter Dean Owens who wrote all songs on the album except one (On Fire).

The other members of the band are Callais Brown (guitars mandolin, banjo, vocals), Kevin McGuire (bass guitar, upright bass, vocals) and K W Burns (drums, percussion).

Guest Stuart Nisbet played pedal steel guitar and dobro, while Mike Hall added piano and organ.

The album was produced by Calum Malcolm at Castle Sound Studios.

Although the band is no more, Dean Owens has gone from strength to strength as a singer-songwriter and released a number of albums on his own label.

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