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1986-2024: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 38 years

Ian Green: 1934-2024

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11 tracks: Pipe Tunes - Shooglenifty * Gale Warning - Ceolbeg * Lexy MacAskill - The Peatbog Faeries * Gies a Drink - Deaf Shepherd * Jenny’s Chickens - Seelyhoo * Just for Seumas - Gordon Duncan * All I Ask - Burach * Moonshine - Mac Umba * Funkypipes - Tartan Amoebas * Galician Jigs - Hamish Moore, Dick Lee * The Ale Is Dear - Keltik Elektrik.


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Vibrant New Celtic Sounds From Scotland

Greentrax led the way in the 1980s and 90s with bands that were breaking new ground and taking Scottish music in new directions. Exciting times.

This is a selection of those ‘Vibrant New Celtic Sounds’ and includes tracks by Shooglenifty (Pipe Tunes), Ceolbeg (Gale Warning), Peatbog Faeries (Lexy MacAskill), Seelyhoo (Jenny’s Chickens), Burach (All I Ask), Mac Umba (Moonshine), Tartan Amoebas (Funky Pipes) and Keltik Elektrik (The Ale is Dear).

A sample of ‘breaking new ground’.

The Greentrax Recordings budget label (Celtic Collections) tracks were selected from the rich Greentrax back catalogue, plus some albums specially recorded for the Series. These are quality recordings of top Scottish artists at a bargain price. A great buy for tourists and discerning collectors alike.

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