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news article for 50th Anniversary of Rankin File

Posted: 10th June 2019

​The group Rankin File, featuring the songs of Iain Rankin, celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2019 of their formation in 1969.

In recognition of the anniversary, Brack’n’File are performing an hour-long show of Iain’s songs at the Acoustic Music Centre during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on 19th August.

Iain Rankin is doing a solo show at Acoustic Music Centre on the 16th August.

Iain is also performing as part of Ian McCalman’s The Singing Sixties - Songs Which Stood The Test Of Time with Barbara Dickson and friends.

Buy tickets for Brack’n’File Sing The Iain Rankin Songbook here.

Buy tickets for Iain Rankin’s solo show here.

Buy the CD Rankin File - For The Record at Greentrax.

news article for The Singing Sixties with Barbara Dickson and Friends

Posted: 27th March 2019

The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh - Monday 12th August 2019, 8:00pm

Featuring Barbara Dickson, Archie Fisher, Adam McNaughton, Dick Gaughan, Sangsters, Iain Rankin, the award-winning Far, Far From Ypres choir plus superb surprise guests.

Forty Scottish folk star singers, sitting at tables positioned on the stage, rolling back the years with a singing session of over twenty songs, based on the sessions of the 1960s. Party time!

The Singing Sixties celebrates the ‘60s folk choruses when Sandy Bell’s Bar, and bars like it in Scotland, attracted world-famous musicians to join locals in mighty harmony.

If you were around then and can’t remember that era, you were probably in Sandy Bell’s bar with that lot, singing just for the joy of it. Many classic traditional and contemporary chorus songs will be reprised and you’re invited to join in.

Book tickets here.


Barbara Dickson * Archie Fisher * Adam McNaughton * Dick Gaughan * Arthur Johnstone * Iain Anderson * Ian McCalman * Iain Rankin * Ian Bruce * Hamish Bayne * Gary West * Brian Miller * Stevie Palmer * Harry Cullen * Charlie Milne * George Archibald * May Weatherston * Jim Weatherston * Allan Prior * Carole Prior * Andy Ramage * Ann Murray * Fiona Forbes * John Barrow * Ann O’Toole * Ann Allan * Bill Hill * Cass (Gordon) Stewart * John Allan * Dennis Wilson * Kenny McDonald * Linda Wilson * Morag Dunbar * Norman Gore * Tom Ward * Siobhan Miller (subject to availability)

Songs planned

30 Foot Trailer * The Broom O’ The Cowdenknowes * Her Father Didn’t Like Me Anyway * Together Forever * Call On Me * Lancashire Lads * The Ploughboy Lads * Da Doo Ron Ron * Sandy Bells Man * Cushie Butterfield * Jeely Piece Song * Early Morning Rain * I’ll Lay Ye Doon Love * Lesson Too Late For The Learning * Star O’ The Bar * Busk Busk Bonnie Lassie * Everything’s Fine Right Now * Working On The New Railroad * Sleepy Toon * Three Score And Ten * Yellow On The Broom * Doon In The Wee Room * Freedom Come All Ye

news article for Tony McManus live

Posted: 25th February 2019

Tony McManus has just finished a very successful of tour of the UK with Julia Toaspern, a multi-instrumentalist and singer.

This was followed by gigs in Germany, three of which were recorded for a live album which Greentrax hopes to release later this year.

Visit Tony McManus’ website for more news.

news article for February 2019 News

Posted: 28th January 2019

Barbara Dickson embarks on a UK tour between 1st February and 10th March 2019. See Barbara’s website for all tour venues, dates and links for booking and see albums by Barbara Dickson on Greentrax.

Malinky are currently finishing off a new studio album which will be available in March 2019. It will be packaged along with a second CD of tracks selected from their previous five albums, plus some live tracks. The double CD package will sell for the price of one CD. The band had a very successful gig at Celtic Connections on 25th January. See Malinky albums and news on Greentrax.

Dougie Mackenzie, a weel kent face from Inverness, recently recorded an album at Ian McCalman’s Kevock Studio, Lasswade. Ian Green heard the first mixes and was so impressed he immediately invited Dougie to join Greentrax. The album will be released in May 2019.

news article for Far, Far From Ypres is STMA Event Of The Year 2018

Posted: 5th December 2018

Far, Far From Ypres - The Concert won the Event Of The Year category at the BBC Alba Scots Trad Music Awards 2018 at Perth Concert Hall on Saturday 1st December.

Congratulations to The Cast and especially Ian McCalman. Quite amazing to think that this all arose out of June and Ian Green attending the WWI Battlefields tour with Mercat Tours of Edinburgh some years ago. Ian came back and could not rest until he had compiled the double CD Far, Far From Ypres with the help of Ian McCalman. “From small acorns mighty oak trees grow” is applicable in this case.

The album is now a Greentrax bestseller and the DVD of The Concert in Selkirk in August is selling like hot-cakes.

Congratulations also to Gary West and Iain MacInnes for their success with Pipeline.

See full results from the BBC Alba Scots Trad Music Awards 2018.

news article for September 2018 News

Posted: 22nd September 2018

In August, Ian Green went on the Far, Far From Ypres Concert Tour of Oban, Portree and Ullapool, offering the CD Far, Far From Ypres - Songs, Poems and Music of World War I and the newly released DVD Far, Far From Ypres - The Concert. Sales were brisk and mail orders for the DVD have also been excellent. The CD continues to outsell all other Greentrax albums.

Ian met many old friends and mail order customers on the tour and their feedback after the concerts was consistent: “A wonderful concert and very emotional…” (as they wiped away a tear or two). Ian has seen the show about six times and watched the DVD twice and still enjoys the amazing spectacle (with a tear or two!).

The Usher Hall, Edinburgh, has recently made tickets available for the Upper Circle to accommodate the huge demand for tickets for 11th November.

Ian notes that Alan Brydon has recorded a superb album on the subject of World War I, war in general and of the Scottish Borders, called Reflections. Visit Alan Brydon’s website to order this fine album.

The Nick Keir Commemorative Concert at the Acoustic Music Centre during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe was a sell-out, and a memorable evening of Nick’s songs, sung by some of his friends and ending appropriately with Nick’s recording of Festival Lights. This song is a Fringe anthem and the words are painted on a wall of The Royal Oak, home of the Wee Folk Club.

Sales of Nick’s compilation album 1953 to 2013 - A Double Album Reflecting the Talents of Nick Keir sold well on the night. It includes 37 songs, all written by Nick apart from one, and is the definitive collection of Nick’s work.

Carmel and Eric Bogle are currently visiting Scotland but Eric has left his guitar at home, while he enjoys a well deserved holiday with his twin sister Sandra and husband Ron. Eric Bogle With John Munro - Voices is the most recent work by two remarkable songwriters. Sadly John passed away earlier this year and is greatly missed by all, particularly by Eric who toured with John for so many years.

The long awaited debut album from Gaelic singer Sineag MacIntyre has been recorded and now has to be mixed and mastered but should hopefully be released on 1st November. Produced by Iain MacDonald and with a host of talented session folk.

news article for Artist Performances in August 2018

Posted: 1st August 2018

The Acoustic Music Centre - now at UCC, 14 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh - is again one of the venues for Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August. Amongst the many highlights will be a show on 23rd August titled Festival Lights - The Songs Of Nick Keir, presented by The Quiggs, Sangsters and Dick Gaughan. In 2017 Greentrax released A Double Album Reflecting The Talents of Nick Keir. This remarkable 2CD collection is available for the price of one CD.

Ticket sales for the Far, Far From Ypres stage presentation, produced by Ian McCalman and with a cast of 25, are going well. The concert will be on tour from August to November in various venues around Scotland, and tickets are now on sale at the venues. The final concert will be in the Usher Hall, Edinburgh on 11th November 2018 (Armistice Day). The first concert in Selkirk on 5th August will be filmed with a view to Greentrax releasing a DVD of the full concert which should be available shortly afterwards. See the concert tour dates.

news article for Far, Far From Ypres Stage Show

Posted: 24th July 2018

Scottish Tour - 2018

The Far, Far From Ypres stage show, produced by Ian McCalman and with a huge cast of performers, will tour Scotland in 2018:

  • Sunday 5th August - Victoria Halls, Selkirk
  • Thursday 9th August - His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen
  • Wednesday 29th August - Corran Halls, Oban
  • Friday 31st August - Aros Centre, Portree, Skye
  • Saturday 1st September - Village Hall, Ullapool
  • Sunday 7th October - Whitehall Theatre, Dundee
  • Sunday 14th October - Albert Halls, Stirling
  • Sunday 21st October - Eden Court Theatre, Inverness
  • Sunday 28th October - Theatre Royal, Dumfries
  • Sunday 11th November - Usher Hall, Edinburgh

The stage show is based on songs recorded on the Far, Far From Ypres double CD.

The concert is narrated by BBC Radio Scotland presenter Iain Anderson and has attracted some of the leading lights in the folk scene. Those joining the Scotland 2018 tour will include Barbara Dickson, Siobhan Miller, Mairi MacInnes, Dick Gaughan, Ian McCalman, Iain Anderson, Professor Gary West, Stephen Quigg, Ian Bruce, Sangsters and other well-known faces in the Scottish folk scene. Peter Heywood operates the overhead slide projection.

Read more about the Far, Far From Ypres stage show on the McCalmans’ website.

Edinburgh, Perth and Greenock shows - 2014

After selling out The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall at Celtic Connections 2014 and receiving two standing ovations in the emotionally charged main auditorium, this moving show was presented several times again in the year of Homecoming Scotland 2014. It was also in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of the so-called Great War of 1914-18.

The show was performed in August 2014 at The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh and Perth Concert Hall, and in October at the Beacon Arts Centre in Greenock.

The cast comprised Barbara Dickson, Phil Cunningham, Dick Gaughan, Siobhan Miller, Ian Bruce, Stephen Quigg, Gary West (pipes), Stevie Palmer, Mairi MacInnes (Gaelic song), John Blackwood, Fiona Forbes, Anne Murray, George Archibald, Charlie Milne, Jim Weatherston, May Weatherston, Peter McCulloch, Kenny MacDonald, Gordon Stewart, Norman Gore (snare drum), Donald Hay (snare drum), Brian Miller (guitar), Tom Ward (concertina), Dennis Wilson, Carol Prior and Allan Prior.

The narrator was BBC Radio Scotland’s Iain Anderson, Peter Heywood took care of graphic projection and Sandy Forbes was sound advisor. Ian McCalman, who instigated the production and wrote the script, directed and Ian Green took care of promotion.

Celtic Connections, Glasgow - January 2014

The latest sell-out concert of Far, Far From Ypres - the stage show which arose out of the double album of the same title, Songs Poems And Music Of World War I - took place in the main auditorium of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall at Celtic Connections 2014 on 17th January 2014.

The cast of twenty-six included Barbara Dickson, Phil Cunningham and Dick Gaughan and was brilliantly produced by Ian McCalman. The entire cast rose to the occasion and gave stunning performances which even exceeded those of 2012. Narration was by BBC radio presenter Iain Anderson and the overhead projection was by Peter Heywood.

“Congratulations to you and all those involved in this unforgettable production…” (Fiona Hyslop MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Culture)

“What a moving concert and magnificent evening…” (Norman Drummond, Chairman of Parliamentary WW1 Commemoration Panel)

Overwhelming! This show should be seen by everyone. It was a beautifully crafted show. Come back anytime…” (Donald Shaw, Celtic Connections Director)

“It was an incredibly powerful performance…” (Carole Robinson, Scottish Government Culture Division)

“Superb, two standing ovations says it all… (Alistair Findlay)

“Truly fantastic… I thought the entire production was sensational…” (Fraser McCreadie)

“It was an honour to be present at this wonderful event. You could have heard a pin drop during the performance and the audience showed its appreciation with a standing and resounding ovation at the end.” (Ian Green)

The show features the large screen projection of relevant images throughout the evening, enhancing greatly the audience’s understanding of the story unfolding before them. The format of the evening takes the form of two fifty-minute halves with an interval.

It has a cast of ‘folk singing stars’, who remain on stage throughout the performance, singing the ‘trench’, ‘marching’ and Music Hall songs of the time. From that chorus, groups and soloists come to the middle of the stage and perform songs, both contemporary and traditional, about the Great War.

The narrator, Iain Anderson, brilliantly links the songs with stories about the hero of the show, Jimmy MacDonald, who was born in “any village in Scotland”. It tells of Jimmy’s recruitment and training then follows his journey to the Somme and back to Scotland.

It would not be a Scottish tragedy without laughter, so there are also stories of humour and joy that take this production well away from the path of unremitting gloom.

Written and directed by Ian McCalman, the production features 26 folk stars. Previous performances have included Dick Gaughan, Iain Anderson, Barbara Dickson, Sangsters, Ian Bruce, Siobhan Miller, Ian McCalman, Stevie Palmer, Stephen Quigg, Ragged Glory, Sineag MacIntyre, Soopna, Donald Hay, Drew Talbot, Dennis Wilson, Brian Miller, Tom Ward and a host of others.

Ian McCalman wishes to encourage the use of the script by schools and colleges for educational purposes.

The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh - August 2012

Far, Far From Ypres - From A Scottish Perspective was presented in The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh on Thursday 16th August 2012.

The cast for this concert included Barbara Dickson, Siobhan Miller, Dick Gaughan, Ian Bruce, Nick Keir, Stevie Palmer, Stephen Quigg, Donald Hay, Brian Miller and Tom Ward, with groups Sangsters, Soopna and Ragged Glory, plus Iain Anderson of BBC Radio Scotland. Peter Heywood provided overhead projection.

“an inspiringly convivial experience, where the audience joined the performers in choruses that echoed into the deep spaces of the hall… a standing ovation raised the roof of the Queen’s Hall for several minutes after the show had finished. It was a stirring end to a night honouring a terrible tragedy, one that left the entire audience moved and sombre, but strangely elated.” (Edinburgh Fringe concert review)

Celtic Connections, Glasgow - January 2012

Far, Far From Ypres - From A Scottish Perspective was presented in The Strathclyde Suite of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall at the Celtic Connections festival on Saturday 21st January 2012. The show was a massive success.

It was sold out in advance and many people remarked that it was one of the most moving stage presentations they had ever witnessed. Members of the audience were visibly moved and at the end of the second half there was a genuine standing ovation.

Ian McCalman is highly complimented for his superb work as researcher and producer, while Peter Heywood’s overhead projection was well chosen and added greatly to the excellent stage performances of a cast of many, including Barbara Dickson, Dick Gaughan and narrator Iain Anderson. Everyone rose to the occasion and made this a very memorable event.

Far, Far From Ypres was originally one of four popular themed sections within the Greentrax 25th Anniversary Concert in October 2011 at The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh.

“Powerful solos, robust melody and beautiful harmony, told stories of excitement and hope, suffering and endurance, humour and escapism, fear and disillusionment, in the words of those involved in the horrors of the Western Front.” (STV)

news article for Scots Of The Spanish Civil War

Posted: 5th February 2018

Wonder Fools in association with The Brunton Theatre and The Citizens Theatre are performing a play with songs and storytelling 549: Scots Of The Spanish Civil War at Prestonpans Town Hall, East Lothian.

The show runs from 7th to 10th February 2018 in Prestonpans, and then at The Citizens Theatre, Glasgow from 13th to 17th February 2018.

See more details, including links for booking tickets, at the Wonder Fools website.

For the duration of the show, Greentrax will be offering the album ¡No Pasaran! (They Shall Not Pass) - Scots In The Spanish Civil War at a Special Offer price.

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