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Tracks: The Big Parcel Set * Queen of Argyll * Tam Billy’s Jig Set * The High and The Mighty * Arthur Gillies * Farewell Tae The Haven * It Was Long Ago Set * The Deil’s Awa’ Wi’ The Exciseman / The Seagull * The Soft Horse Reel Set * Otago River Set.


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Ceolbeg - Not The Bunny Hop

Previously released by Ceolbeg on their own label, this was their second album.

A lineup of Katie Harrigan (harp), Davy Steele (vocals, guitar), Andy Thorburn (keyboards), Peter Boon, founder member (flute, whistle) and Gary West (smallpipes, Highland bagpipe).

Produced by the great Phil Cunningham, the album has a hugely enjoyable mix of exciting tunes and brilliant songs, including the first recording of Davy Steele’s very special Farewell Tae The Haven, later to be recorded many times by other artists.

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