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Tracks: The Magic Shadow Show * The Dundee Ghost * Rob Roy MacGregor-o * Benny Has Been * The Pill * Janetta * The Foreman O’Rourke * Get Up Get Out * If It Wisnae For The Union * Can O’ Tea * I’m Looking For A Job * Three Nights and A Sunday * We’ll Have A May Day * The Magic Shadow Show * Jeannie Gallagher * The Red Yo Yo * Coorie Doon * The Gallowgate Calypso * Troubled Waters In My Soul * Bingo Bella * I Owe You * Manura Manya * Depth Of My Ego * Skin * The Magic Shadow Show.


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Stramash - McGinn O’ The Calton

Stramash were Finlay Allison (guitar, mandolin and fiddle), Bob Blair (vocals and guitar), John Eaglesham (concertina), Adam McNaughtan, a prolific songwriter (vocals), Kevin Mitchell, a great Irish voice, and the late Anne Neilson, a fine traditional-style singer.

A popular group of the time, they made a successful stage presentation of McGinn Of The Calton. This album was recorded in CAVA Sound Workshop studios later.

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