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10 tracks: Two Minutes’ Silence * The Coilsfield House Set: Coilsfield House / The Boy Gardener / Jenny Nettles / Paddy Bort’s * The Yew Tree * Sell Your Labour, Not Your Soul * The Headlands / Canaan Lane * John Harrison’s Hands * When The Laverock Sang * The Burning Of Auchendoon * Prince Of Darkness * The Modest Miss France Set: Modest Miss France / The Tuscaloosa Cardinal / Dancing Boney.


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Brian McNeill - No Silence

“The cracking album that marked Brian McNeill’s ‘musical half century’ and an excellent collection, mainly of Brian’s own songs. A multi-instrumentalist, talented singer and a very active touring artist, mainly in the UK, Europe and North America, Brian is always on the move. Brian was the founding member of Battlefield Band which he left several years ago, and is now working mainly as a solo artist.”

(Managing Director Ian Green’s Pick Of The Month album, November 2022)

Apart from bodhran on four tracks and bouzouki on one track by Tad Sargent, Brian plays all the instruments and sings all the songs on this album. Not only that, but Brian has written all the songs and most of the tunes, emphasising yet again what an exceptional talent this man is. Unusually, Brian has also recorded The Burning Of Auchendoon as an instrumental piece.

Ian Green is proud of the fact that all Brian’s recorded work since leaving Battlefield Band, of which he was a founder member, has been released on the Greentrax label and the partnership with Brian is a strong one. In addition to recording for Greentrax, Brian has also produced several fine albums for the label.

Brian tours widely in North America and Europe, in addition to a heavy UK schedule.

On this album Brian plays guitar, baritone guitar, fiddle, octave fiddle, mandocello, bouzouki and concertina. Tad Sargent - a talented musician - has also sessioned on Matt Tighe’s solo album.

No Silence was recorded in Brian’s own home studio and mixed and mastered at Watercolour Music in Ardgour.

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