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September 2020
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13 tracks: Before The Flame Goes Out * Going, Going Gone * Fly Away With You * The Winter And Me * James Watt’s Perfect Engine * We Become The Sunshine * All Your Tomorrows * Gently Into Night * Saddest Month * God Gave Me These Hands * Rise Up Singing * Merry Company * Somewhere.

Stevie Palmer is a multi-award winning singer-songwriter, and this is his second album for Greentrax. The first, the critically acclaimed Heartprint Shadow, included the song Black Is The Sun, one of the standout items in the 2018 Scottish Traditional Music Award-winning stage production of Far, Far From Ypres, released on a Greentrax DVD. This very much brought Stevie to prominence on the Scottish music scene.

His work draws on a wide variety of influences ranging from fellow Scottish artists such as Dick Gaughan, Michael Marra and Karine Polwart to English singer/songwriters such as Nick Drake, Ray Davies and Paul Weller.

Following a lengthy fatherhood-focussed hiatus after Heartprint Shadow, Stevie returns with this passionately written and meticulously crafted album, featuring a wonderful selection of performance contributions from: Karine Polwart (backing vocals), Kim Edgar (piano), Mary MacMaster (harp), Kristan Harvey (fiddle), Mr McFall’s Chamber (ensemble), Phil Cunningham (accordion), Steven Polwart (guitar), and Allan Knox (bass guitar).

The album was co-produced by Stevie, Ian McCalman and Dick Gaughan, supported by Creative Scotland and recorded at Ian’s Kevock Studio. Dick Gaughan is a huge admirer of Stevie’s work and volunteered to be involved in the recording of the album. It was mastered in late February 2020 by Peter Haigh of Pier House Studios.

Release was delayed due to the coronavirus lockdown, which has given several people the opportunity to listen to the album. All, including Greentrax MD Ian Green, are of the opinion that the album goes beyond the usual folk genre and is likely to be enjoyed by all lovers of good music generally. The arrangements are superb, giving a wide variety of sounds to the individual tracks.

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