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Tracks: The Rover’s Return Set * Sedorwood Set * Clivigarth Set * Anne S Robertson Set * Rhoda in Rhyme Set * Grunafirth Set * Lament For A Lady Set * At The Edge Of a Time Set * Leaving St Ola Set * The Luthier And His Wife Set * Alec T Bain Set * Peerless Fritz Kreisler Set * Helen N Robertson Set * Anne S F McWilliam Set * Patrick Sellar Set.


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Arthur Scott Robertson - Rehearses His Own Fiddle Compositions

The late Arthur Scott Robertson was a native of Shetland and held a lifelong interest in the fiddle.

He was a prolific composer of tunes and was an admirer of the Austrian violinist Fritz Kreisler.

The recordings were made in Arthur’s home and he is accompanied by Neil Scott Robertson on piano.

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