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Tracks: MacPherson’s Farewell (Soraidh Mhic A’ Phearsain) * A Man’s A Man For A’ That (‘Se An Duin’ Am Fear Ged) * Ye Jacobites By Name (A Sheumasaich Do ‘N Ainm) * My Heart’s In The Highlands (Tha Mo Chridhe Sa Ghaidhealtachd) * Ay Waukin’ O/Ca The Yowes (Fhathast Na Mo Dhuisg/Truis Na H-Oisgean) * The Banks O’ Doon (Bruaichean Abhainn Duin) * Flow Gentle Sweet Afton (Ruith Socair, Shruth Ach-Duinn) * Corn Rigs (Cruachan Arbhair) * John Anderson, My Jo (Mac Anndrais Mo Ghradh) * Behold My Love, How Green The Groves (Feuch-Sa A Ghraidh Cia Gorm A’ Choill) * Willie Brew’d a Peck O’ Maut (Uilleam Thog E Piece Braich).


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Elfrida Scott - Burns Songs in Gaelic

Elfrida Scott has for some years been associated with Gaelic singing and for many years she competed very successfully at the National Mod, winning most of the major solo awards including the ‘Oban and Lorne’ Gold Medal.

She has travelled extensively, singing at venues both in the UK and abroad.

She says:

“Thanks to the Rev Roderick MacDonald, TD MD for his continued support and without whom this project would never been possible.”

The idea of this album was conceived by the Rev MacDonald, the last crowned bard of the National Mod who translated the songs into Gaelic for this album.

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