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Tracks: McLean’s Welcome * Donald MacDonald * The Witch of Fife * Bonnie Prince Charlie * King Willie * I Ha’e Naebody Now * The Highlander’s Farewell * Sir Morgan O’Doherty’s Farewell to Scotland/Reply To Sir Morgan * The Moon Was A-Waning * Ladies Evening Song * Rise! Rise! Lowland and Highland Men * Good Night And Joy.


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The McCalmans - The Ettrick Shepherd

This is a collection of songs by James Hogg, ‘The Ettrick Shepherd’ (1770 to 1835).

Previously released by Greenwich Village Records and later purchased by Greentrax Recordings and re-released in 1991, this album has the original McCalmans’ line-up of Ian McCalman (vocals, guitar, organ, Olde English guitar, harmonica, bowed psaltery), Hamish Bayne (vocals, concertina, whistle, mandolin, banjo), and Derek Moffat (vocals, guitar, bodhran).

A collector’s piece.

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