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11 tracks: Eliza Ross - Eliza Ross’s Reel / Gilbert of the Antarctic / James MacLellan’s Favourite * The Fair Lad - My Love Is The Fair Lad / The Man From Glengarry / Johnnie MacDonald’s Reel * Quicksteps - Celtic Society’s Quickstep / Capt Grant / Murray’s Welcome / 72nd Highlanders Farewell to Aberdeen * Victoria Ross - Miss Victoria Ross / Lady Doll Sinclair / A’Chubhag / McFarlane’s * Vatersay Bay * Highland Lassie - Going to the Fair / The Hen’s March / The Snuff Wife * Jamie MacInnis of Cape Breton / The Portree Men * Miss Ferguson - Miss Ferguson of Reith / Invergordon Castle / Lady Loudon / Lord MacDonald / Sandy Cameron * Lowlands - My Home Town / Brose and Butter / Drops of Brandy * Highland Brigade - Highland Brigade at Waterloo / Glasgow Gaelic Club / Duncan McGillivray, Chief Steward * Dr McInnes’s Fancy - Angus Ramsay’s Lullaby / Title / Peter Mackinnon of Skeabost.


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Iain MacInnes - Tryst

Iain MacInnes has been a member of the Tannahill Weavers, Smalltalk and Ossian.

Iain plays both the Highland bagpipe and smallpipes (and whistles) and has produced and presented BBC Radio Scotland’s Pipeline programme.

With Mairi Campbell (fiddle), William Jackson (harp, fretless bass, piano, laud), James Mackintosh (percussion), Iain MacLeod (mandolin), Tony McManus (guitar) and Aidan O’Rourke (fiddle).

“A complete piper… Trawling through piper’s tune books and doubtless the accumulation of a few good sessions, lain has come up with an impressive cross-section of mainly Highland pipe repertoire, with occasional excursions into Lowland territory, all consummately arranged, from the full-tilt ensemble rant of Sandy Cameron or The Snuff Wife to the lonely, lingering solo strains of Angus Ramsay’s Lullaby that close the recording. He’s accompanied here by some of the best fiddling, harping and guitar playing you’ll find on the folk scene - yet listen to his solo rendition of The 72nd Highlanders’ Farewell to Aberdeen, to hear a sparse, measured, yet utterly fresh interpretation of a hoary old standard, one of the first tunes learned by many an aspiring piper. What shines through here is not just musicality but a deep regard for the music itself.”
(Jim Gilchrist)

“Every track is an absolute joy to listen to…”
(Scots Heritage)

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