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1986-2022: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 36 years

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Celtic Airs And Reflective Melodies

 — 2019 Top 20 — 2018 Top 20 — 2016 Top 20 — Celtic Collections — Compilations — CD — CDGMP8015

Celtic Collections vol 15. Over the years Greentrax Recordings has received many requests for an album exclusively of slow airs and reflective melodies and this album has been released to fulfil that need. The Greentrax back-catalogue was carefully searched and after much deliberation we arrived at this selection. The music… read more

The Music And Song Of The Great Tapestry Of Scotland

 — Compilations — CD — Double CD — CDTRAX372D

This album is being released in association with The Great Tapestry Of Scotland which is currently being stitched on panels designed by the artist Andrew Crummy, and will go on exhibition in 2013. The Tapestry, which will be longest in the world when complete, has been given the stamp of approval by… read more

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - Ah’m Dancin’

 — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — CD — CDTRAX369

Vol 4 - Old Time Dances This is the final album in a series of four by the much-loved Glencraig Scottish Dance Band. The series covers all the Scottish dance formats that the Glencraig Band perform - The Ceilidh, The Reel Party, Scottish Country Dances and Old Time Dances. The previous three albums… read more

The Occasionals - Birling

 — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — CD — CDTRAX371

The Occasionals ceilidh band started in 1986, featuring a number of great musical friends. Over time it naturally distilled into the quartet of musicians heard here on this, their seventh recording: Freeland Barbour, Ian Hardie, Kevin MacLeod and Gus Millar. This album is a celebration of 25 years… read more

Scots In The Spanish Civil War

 — Compilations — Wars & Battles — CD — CDTRAX3639

¡No Pasaran! (They Shall Not Pass). A collection of songs and a poem principally about the many Scots who volunteered to fight in Spain on the side of the elected Republican Government against General Franco and the fascists. The Scots volunteers fought mainly with The International Brigade which included, as the name suggests,… read more

Fiona J Mackenzie - Archipelago

 — Gaelic Song — CD — CDTRAX368

Fiona J Mackenzie, a previous Mod Gold Medallist, releases her third album for Greentrax. Archipelago is a collection of songs in Gaelic, Scots and Norn from islands all across Scotland, from Shetland in the far north to Ailsa Craig in the south. Fiona is a native of Morayshire and has lived in… read more

David Francey - Late Edition

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX366

From carpenter to songwriter - since leaving construction and recording his first album in 1999, Scottish-born Canadian David Francey is recognised as one of today’s finest singer-songwriters. Late Edition was David’s ninth CD release, in April 2011. David released his first album Torn Screen… read more

David Francey - The First Set

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX367

Live From Folk Alley From carpenter to songwriter - since leaving construction and recording his first album in 1999, Scottish-born Canadian David Francey is recognised as one of today’s finest singer-songwriters. The First Set - Live From Folk Alley was recorded at Kent State Folk Festival and is… read more

Music In The Glen - A Highland Journey vol 2

 — 2019 Top 20 — 2016 Top 20 — Celtic Collections — CD — CDGMP8014

Celtic Collections vol 14. This recording follows along similar lines to the hugely popular album A Highland Journey In Music From Scotland. Released in 2005, this has been the most successful album in the Celtic Collections Series and is one of the best sellers overall in the Greentrax catalogue. This second musical tour of… read more

Ian Hardie - A Breath Of Fresh Airs

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Fiddle — CD — CDTRAX001

This was the first album released by Greentrax in 1986 and having just celebrated our 25th Anniversary it seemed appropriate to re-release this excellent and very special album for the first time on CD. Ian Hardie is an outstanding fiddle player and multi-instrumentalist, who played in many fine… read more

Rura - Break It Up

 — 2021 Top 20 — 2018 Top 20 — 2017 Top 20 — 2016 Top 20 — Bands — CD — CDTRAX364

Rura won the ‘Best Up And Coming Artist’ award at the 2011 MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards, and were also Danny Kyle Award winners that year. Their powerful music has already created a buzz throughout the traditional music scene and their debut album is eagerly awaited by all. This five-piece… read more

Alistair Ogilvy - Leaves Sae Green

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX365

Alistair is a fine traditional singer. He was a finalist in the BBC Radio Scotland ‘Young Traditional Musician Of The Year’ Award in both 2011 and 2012, and won the Traditional Music And Song Association’s ‘Young Singer Of Merit’ award the same year. Alistair has already appeared at many… read more

The Greentrax 25th Anniversary Collection

 — Compilations — CD — Double CD — CDTRAX8611

Music And Song From Scotland 2011 sees Greentrax Recordings Ltd celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a double CD collection for the price of one CD. The double CD is a compilation of 25 tracks, plus two bonus tracks, all of very special relevance and significance to the label and its managing… read more


 — Bagpipes — CD — CDTRAX362

Seudan comprises some of Scotland’s leading exponents of traditional pipe music and Gaelic song. The music is alive and vital, closely related to its old natural step dance rhythms while the piobaireachd follows the song versions from which they originated. The arrangement and delivery of their… read more

Brian McNeill - The Road Never Questions

 — Compilations — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX360

The Best of Brian McNeill vol 1. This is a compilation of tracks from Brian McNeill’s prolific output of solo and duo albums he released during his time with Battlefield Band and since moving on. Brian found selecting the tracks for this album somewhat difficult but it was a labour of love at the same time, not least because of… read more

Robin Laing - Whisky For Breakfast

 — 2019 Top 20 — 2018 Top 20 — 2017 Top 20 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX361

Robin Laing is Scotland’s ‘Whisky Bard’. This is his fourth album of whisky songs, and this time, whether following his Muse or the thread spun for him by the Fates, he has put together a collection of his own songs, all on the tasty subject of Scotch whisky. An eclectic mix of songs, they… read more

Songs & Ballads From Perthshire

 — Scottish Tradition Series — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX9024

Scottish Tradition Series vol 24. This album is released in the year of the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the School of Scottish Studies at the University of Edinburgh in 1951. The School is delighted that Maurice Fleming of Blairgowrie, whose collecting forms a very important part of the School Archives, has himself acted… read more

The Paul McKenna Band - Stem The Tide

 — Bands — CD — CDTRAX359

Traditional music as well as original songs and tunes from this dynamic young 5-piece led by singer Paul McKenna. The Paul McKenna Band have been playing to audiences throughout the UK and beyond since 2006. With a contemporary approach to songs, although not straying too far from their roots, their… read more

Barbara Dickson - Words Unspoken

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX353

Barbara Dickson OBE is a multi-million selling recording artist with an equally impressive Olivier Award winning acting career. She has firmly established herself as one of the most enduring and popular entertainers in Britain today. With numerous awards for acting and singing, hit singles, gold and… read more

Steele The Show - The Songs of Davy Steele

 — Compilations — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX358

STEELE THE SHOW: THE MAN One of Scotland’s best loved singer songwriters, Davy Steele was loved equally for his sensitivity to others and for his charismatic ebullient nature. Davy could always be relied upon to ‘get the party started’. Born in 1948 in Summerlea, Prestonpans, on the banks of… read more

Stevie Palmer - Heartprint Shadow

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX347

Following an initial musical career as a drummer, Stevie Palmer decided to turn his full attention to the art and craft of songwriting. The progression was always more than likely as Stevie grew up surrounded by his mother’s music (folk singer-songwriter Eileen Penman) and musical loves, as well… read more

Scottish Music Of The RSAMD - The Future Of Our Past

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Compilations — CD — CDTRAX357

Recordings by students on the Scottish Music courses of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. A mixture of music and songs, recorded at the RSAMD by Bob Whitney and co-produced by Phil Cunningham and Findlay Napier. The students include Kirsten MacLeod, Katherine MacLeod, Paul McKenna,… read more

Lorne MacDougall - Hello World

 — Bagpipes — CD — CDTRAX345

Two-time BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Of The Year finalist, piper Lorne MacDougall was brought up in Carradale, Kintyre. On leaving school he studied for a BA in Scottish Traditional Music at the Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama in Glasgow, graduating with honours in 2005.… read more

Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller - Shadows Tall

 — Fiddle — Vocal Groups — CD — CDTRAX352

Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller are two talented young singers and musicians who are recognised as shining new stars on the Scottish music scene. Both are blessed with natural voices that blend beautifully. The duo are previous winners of the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards 2008 and The Scots Trad… read more

Ciaran Dorris - Home

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX354

Acclaimed singer-songwriter and popular Celtic Music Radio presenter Ciaran Dorris moved to Glasgow from his native Belfast in 1988, quickly earning plaudits for his songs and style. This debut album presents Ciaran to a far wider audience and should establish him as a fine singer-songwriter, with… read more

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - Ah’m Askin’

 — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — CD — CDTRAX355

Vol 3 - Scottish Country Dances Lively dance tracks from the ever-popular Glencraig Band, led by Nicol McLaren. A fine six-piece band with lots of ‘oomph’ and plenty of lift, featuring two accordions, fiddle, piano, bass and drums. This is the third album in a series of four, focussing this time… read more

The Battle Of Prestonpans 1745

 — Compilations — Wars & Battles — CD — CDTRAX356

Music And Song Of The Campaign. A companion album to The Prestonpans Tapestry, one of Scotland’s most significant and ambitious community projects. A compilation of music and songs connected with the Battle Of Prestonpans, featuring artists Karen Matheson (Capercaillie), The Corries, The Whistlebinkies, The Panel Beaters, Jean… read more

Alex Hodgson - Jeelie Jars ‘n’ Coalie Backies

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX351

ALEX HODGSON is from Prestonpans, East Lothian, close to the office of Greentrax Recordings. He carries on the fine tradition of Prestonpans song writing from the late Davy Steele. Alex was a finalist in the ‘Burnsong’ song writing competition in 2005 and 2009 and since then he has appeared live… read more

Mike Vass and Dave Wood - Wait What?

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — CD — CDTRAX349

Mike Vass and Dave Wood are members of Malinky, one of Scotland’s top touring folk bands. Mike Vass, who plays fiddle, is one of a family of musicians from Morayshire - for many years The Vass Family appeared at traditional music festivals around Scotland. Dave Wood also has a great deal of… read more

Daimh - Diversions

 — 2018 Top 20 — Bands — Gaelic Song — CD — CDTRAX343

Taking their name from the Gaelic word for kinship, Gaelic supergroup Dàimh (pronounced da-eve) return with their eagerly anticipated second album. The charging pipe and fiddle-led assault has seen Dàimh gigging far and wide, and their line-up now also includes Gaelic singer Calum Alex MacMillan… read more