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10 tracks: Intro * The New Yorker * Mary * Sorley’s * Break It Up * Elliott’s * Allegory * Viva * Jigs * Lament For Donald Ban.


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Rura - Break It Up

Rura won the ‘Best Up And Coming Artist’ award at the 2011 MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards, and were also Danny Kyle Award winners that year. Their powerful music has already created a buzz throughout the traditional music scene and their debut album is eagerly awaited by all.

This five-piece band from the West of Scotland combines the passions and influences of some of Scotland’s most exciting young musicians. Among them, they feature three BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Of The Year finalists and an All-Ireland Bodhran Champion.

The album is a fine balance of tunes (including a Pibroch) and songs. The instrumental sets are tight and generate great excitement, while the stunning vocals of the most recent member, Adam Holmes, has brought greater depth to the band.

The album was recorded at the Glo-Worm Studio in Glasgow and was produced by the experienced composer and musician Aidan O’Rourke, who was also a Trad Awards winner in 2011.

Once again Greentrax is at the cutting edge of contemporary young bands pushing traditional music beyond restrictive boundaries. Greentrax is proud to present Rura to a wider audience and a great future for the band is envisaged.

Band members are David Foley (bodhran and flute), Steven Blake (pipes and whistles), Jack Smedley (fiddle), Chris Wade (guitar) and Adam Holmes (singer/songwriter).

Highly recommended.

“It has been a pleasure to watch these guys grow as musicians. Individually and collectively they have forged a sound with fire, passion and drive. It’s going to be exciting watching them kick their music up to the next level…” (Phil Cunningham)

“Rura are the hottest new band on the Scottish scene right now. With their cracking blend of pipes and fiddle, and mellifluous vocals and songs by Adam Holmes, they’re set to go far. Festivals book them now!” (Simon Thoumire)

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