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11 tracks: Sliabh Luachra Polkas * The Dark Eyed Sailor (song) * The Roseland Barndance * The Girl From The Big House Set (jigs) * Barbara Allen (song) * Earl Mitten’s Set (reels) * The Humours of Ballydesmond Set (polkas) * An Raibh tu ag an gCarraig (song) * I’d Rather Be Married Than Left Set (slides) * Go Your Way (song) * Crehan’s Reels Set.


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North Cregg - The Roseland Barndance

The fourth album from top Irish band North Cregg, who consist of Christy Leahy (button box), Liam Flannigan (fiddle, banjo), Ciaran Coughlan (piano), Martin Leahy (guitar, drums) and the stunning new voice of Claire-Anne Lynch, who also plays fiddle.

Guest musicians Dick Powell (clawhammer banjo), Chris McCarthy (double bass) and Seamus Burns (spoons) add to an already big sound.

2006 marked the 10th year in the musical life of one of Ireland’s finest ensembles, born out of the thriving informal pub session scene in Cork, Ireland’s second city.

North Cregg were voted the Best Traditional Newcomers in the Irish Music Magazine’s Millennium Poll. Their enviable reputation for exciting performances enthrals audiences at home and abroad.

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