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1986-2022: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 36 years

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Tracks: 10,000 Miles Away * Avalon * Aberlady Bay * The Old Skye Air Set * Ghoulies and Ghosties * Scotland * The Falkirk Tryste * Da Sang O’ Da Papa Men * The Sidmouth Folk Festival Blues * The Rolling Hills of The Borders * Loves The Rising Sun * Goodnight Sweetheart.


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The McCalmans - Ancestral Manoeuvres

This was a pre-Greentrax release on The Macs’ own label then re-released by Greentrax on cassette after The McCalmans signed to Greentrax.

Never released on CD but some very fine tracks are included on this album, notably 10,000 Miles Away, Aberlady Bay, Scotland, The Rolling HiIls of The Borders (a Matt McGinn classic) and Goodnight Sweetheart.

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