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1986-2024: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 38 years

Ian Green: 1934-2024

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CD1 (19 tracks): Ceolbeg (Farewell Tae The Haven) * Heather Heywood (Some Kind of Love) * Ian Hardie (Cheviot Blast Set) * The McCalmans (Mothers, Daughters, Wives) * Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham (The Pearl) * Rod Paterson (Mary Morrison) * Catherine Ann MacPhee (Chi Mi’n Geamhradh) * Hamish Moore (King George IV Strathspey Set) * Robin Laing (Forth Bridge Song) * Jeannie Robertson (Harlaw) * The Whistlebinkies (Nuair a Bha Mi Og) * Ed Miller (The Edinburgh Manchester Rambler) * Margaret Stewart and Allan MacDonald (Cumha Mhic An-Toisich) * Rob MacKillop (Niel Gow’s Lament) * Eric Bogle (As If He Knows) * Jimmy Young (The Warrior Reel) * Adam McNaughtan (Erchie Cathcairt) * Fergie MacDonald (Pan/Celtic Jigs) * Gaelic Women (Canan Nan Gaidheal).

CD2 (20 tracks): Shooglenifty (Tammienorrie) * Ceolbeg (Sleeping Tune) * Tony McManus, Alain Genty and Soig Siberil (Zagreb) * Roddy MacDonald (Good Drying) * Chris Stout (Three Reels) * Sandy Brechin (Out Of His Tree) * Skyedance (Theme For Scotland) * The Easy Club (Easy Club Reel Set) * ScottishPower Pipe Band (Jigs Set) * Peatbog Faeries (Lexy MacAskill) * Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley (The Ba’ Rag) * Slainte Mhath (Bruce and The Troopers) * Brian McNeill (The Atlantic Reels) * Keltik Elektrik (The Clumsy Lover) * Mark Saul (Journey to The Centre of the Celts) * Fiddlers’ Bid (The Pumping Bass Set) * Mac Umba (Glenmalambo) * Bag o’ Cats (Halkidiki) * Salsa Celtica (Cumbia Celtica) * The Vale of Atholl Pipe Band (Il Paco Grande).

CD3 (20 tracks): Dick Gaughan (Sail On) * Jock Tamson’s Bairns (Prince Charlie’s Set) * Isla St Clair (The Shian Road) * Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas (St Kilda Set) * Deaf Shepherd (Huntin The Buntin) * Martyn Bennett (Mary Kelly’s Set) * Jean Redpath (Bonnie Bessie Logan) * Gordon Gunn Band (Mason’s Apron Set) * Mairi MacInnes (Puirt-a-Beul) * Willie Hunter (Leaving Lerwick Harbour) * Jim Reid (Freedom Come All Ye) * GiveWay (Deep In Thought) * Shoormal (Angel Whispers) * Kevin MacLeod and Alec Finn (Jig, Strathspey and Reel) * Archie Fisher (Joy of My Heart) * Malinky (Edom O Gordon) * The Occasionals (The Thomson Boys) * Colcannon (The Border) * Gordon Duncan (Ian Green’s Set) * Sheena Wellington (A Man’s a Man).


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Scotland - The Music & The Song

In 2018, Greentrax Recordings are re-launching this best-selling album. This compilation was originally released in 2006 when the company, which also includes the Culburnie label, celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

Greentrax Recordings, ‘Scotland’s Favourite Record Company’, was launched in 1986 by retired Police Inspector Ian Green.

The 59 tracks for this 3CD compilation have been carefully selected by Ian from over 300 albums, showcasing the remarkable Greentrax Recordings catalogue of Scottish traditional music. Only the very best tracks have been selected and they represent a musical journey spanning two decades - a unique collection.

CD1 - The Music And The Song Part 1 - representing music and song from (more or less) the first 10 years of Greentrax Recordings.

CD2 - 20 Years At The Cutting Edge - Greentrax bands and artists who have been at the very cutting edge of contemporary Scottish music over the first 20 years.

CD3 - The Music And The Song Part 2 - covering the second decade of the music and song of Greentrax.

3CD Digipak Compilation.

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