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12 tracks: Coma Co Dhubh (Don’t Care) * Pay It Forward * Sunshine * Find Your Smile * Women O’ The Earth * Only In Your Love * Bocsa Beag Dubh (Little Black Box) * How Can We Live? * Rain Of States * Isabella * The Gazz (Chaidh Mi Sios - I Went Down) * Seasons


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Kilmarnock Edition - Pay It Forward

Taking their name from Robert Burns’ celebrated volume of work, Kilmarnock Edition first came together in the International Burnsong Songhouse of 2009 when, as prize-winners, they were closeted together to write songs for a week, culminating in a gig in the Scottish Parliament on St Andrews Day.

All well-known singer-songwriters in their own right, the six band members come from all over Scotland and skilfully weave together many elements of contemporary Scottish song. By no mean a classic folk band, Kilmarnock Edition songs very definitely have their roots in Scots folk but also manage to weave, skilfully, strands of jazz, Scots reggae, Gaelic and other world music, to produce what is an exciting new genre of Scottish song.

The band comprise the well known Scots singer Alex Hodgson from Prestonpans (vocals and acoustic guitars), Fiona J Mackenzie, Gaelic singer from Dingwall (vocals and kalimba), Lisa Rigby (vocals, acoustic guitar and shruti box) from Edinburgh, Italian-born Roberto Cassani from Perth (upright bass and vocals), Stu Clark from Edinburgh (percussion and backing vocals) and the well known Greenock singer Yvonne Lyon (vocals and piano). Alex and Fiona both already have solo albums on Greentrax.

The band recorded their debut album at Watercolour Studio in May. It was produced by Graeme Duffin, David Lyon and Nick Turner. Additional recording was by Graeme Duffin and Sandy Jones at The Foundry Music Lab. Session musicians include Mary Ann Kennedy (clarsach), David Lyon (accordion and various other instruments), Allan Henderson (fiddle), Craig Dunsmore (trombones) and Jaimie Stables (trumpets and flugelhorn).

Great singing and a wide choice of instrumental sounds make this a very listenable album and another welcome addition to the Greentrax label.

“An array of delicious voices and infectious tunes…”

“Take a pinch of Scots, mix vigorously with some Gaelic, throw in a splash of reggae and finish off with a sprinkle of jazz…”

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