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Ian Green: 1934-2024

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​28 tracks: Bu chaoin leam bhith ’n Uibhist (Hugh Matheson) * An cuala sibh mar dh’èirich dhòmhs’ (Miss Bella MacPhail) * Guma slàn don ribhinn òig (Ewen Morrison) * Cailleach Mhòr Stadhlaigh (Fred Macaulay) * Tha bò dhubh agam (Mrs Marion Ann MacDonald) * Mo bhò dhubh mhòr (Roderick MacDonald) * Hud, a bhodaich (Roderick MacDonald) * ’Ghruagach dhonn a’ bhrollaich bhàin (Donald MacLean) * Òran an ròin (Rev William Matheson) * Òran an ròin (Miss Margaret MacLeod) * Òran na caillich (Andrew Laing) * Hóro, leannain, an cluinn thu (Roderick Macaulay) * Tunnag bhàn Mòire / An ràcan a bh’ agamsa (Ewen MacDonald) * An Eala Bhàn (Mrs Helen Morrison) * ’S ann mu thuath, fada tuath (Ewen Morrison) * ’S ann a-raoir a rinn mi ’n dàn seo (Hugh Matheson) * Tha mìle long air Cuan Èirinn (Mrs Marion Ann MacDonald) * Gur mis’ tha fo mhì-ghean (Donald MacLellan) * Hó, mo leannan, hé, mo leannan (Miss Bella MacPhail) * Bodaich odhar Hoghaigearraidh (Rev William Matheson) * Canntaireachd (Miss Kate MacCormick) * Òigh Loch nam Madadh (Donald MacLean) * A fhleasgaich òig as ceanalta (Mrs Helen Morrison) * O, gur e mo ghaol a’ lasgain (Roderick MacDonald) * Horó, chan eil cadal orm (Ronald John MacDonald) * Òran an radain (Mrs Rachel MacLeod) * Hì ho ró, mo ghruagach dhonn (Donald MacLean) * Thug mi ’n oidhche raoir san àirigh (Donald MacLean) * Chì mi Clèatrabhal bhuam (Angus MacDonald) * Bàs an Fhìrein (Mrs Rachel MacLeod) * A Mhàiri bhòidheach (Ronald John MacDonald).


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Gaelic Songs From The North Uist Tradition

Bu Chaoin Leam Bhith ‘N Uibhist (Gaelic Songs From The North Uist Tradition)

Between 1950 and 1975 staff and students of the School of Scottish Studies, collecting material relating to the cultural life and traditional arts of North Uist, made over five hundred recordings of songs, music, tales, verse, customs, beliefs, place-names and oral history.

During her time at the Department of Celtic and Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh, initially as a post-graduate student and later as a Traditional Artist in Residence, Margaret Callan immersed herself in these recordings and in the rich Gaelic song tradition to which they bear witness. Margaret says that to do so was a privilege. In the sleeve notes she writes:

“The tracks on the album are representative of North Uist’s Gaelic song tradition in the third quarter of the Twentieth Century. The singers featured include active bearers of the tradition, renowned singers and scholars, and passive tradition bearers who rarely, if ever, sang outwith their own homes. Men and women of different generations and from different districts of the island are also represented. This provides the listener with a valuable opportunity to hear a diverse range of local dialects and singing styles. In selecting the tracks I have endeavoured to reflect the rich and extensive repertoire of the community as a whole. A broad range of song genres whose origins span several generations is represented. While Gaelic song classification is not a precise art, on account of many songs falling into more than one category, the songs featured on the CD include homeland songs, waulking songs, puirt-à-beul, canntaireachd, satires, men and women’s love songs, milking songs, cradle songs, local compositions and spiritual verse.”

The singers are Hugh Matheson, Miss Bella MacPhail, Ewen Morrison, Fred Macaulay, Miss Marion Ann MacDonald, Roderick MacDonald, Donald MacLean, Rev William Matheson, Miss Margaret MacLeod, Andrew Laing, Roderick Macaulay, Ewen MacDonald, Mrs Helen Morrison, Donald MacLellan, Miss Katie McCormick, Mrs Rachel MacLeod, Angus MacDonald and Ronald John MacDonald.

The front cover - Archie’s House, Claddagh Kirkibost, North Uist - is reproduced by the kind permission of the artist Katharine Barr and the owner Donald John MacVicar.

The Scottish Tradition Series consists of a selection of material previously held in the School of Scottish Studies Archives at the University of Edinburgh. The widely acclaimed collection is quite unique, and has been regarded as “the most important series of traditional recordings ever…”.

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