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Tracks: My Dad Paddy Set * Just For Gordon Set * The 70th Year * Simon’s Waltz Set * Bowjob Set * The Highland Jigs Set * Scottie Dance Band Heaven Set * Liz Carroll’s Set * Inveran Set * Finisher Set.


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Eilidh Shaw - Heepirumbo

Eilidh Shaw is a braw fiddler and plays both solo and in bands.

She is currently a member of Shooglenifty, replacing the late Angus Grant.

On this album she enlisted the help of a whole bunch of musicians: Ian Carr (who also produced), Ronnie Rae, Simon Bradley, Brian Kellock, Gary Finlayson (of Shooglenifty), Tony McManus (Greentrax artist), Paddy Shaw, Libby Shaw, Freddie Nicholson, Russell Hunter and Geoff Allan.

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