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April 1997
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15 tracks: La Quenoville * Caledonian Society of London * The Blonde Haired Maid * Cathy’s Willie * Lieutenant Colonel George Latham’s Fancy * The New Crossroads * Old Joe * Sean Coughlans * The Banks of The Lee * The Little Bag * The Hills of Kesh * Boys of Malin * Lord Ramsey’s * The Transfusion * Tiolfaidh Tu Abhaile Liom * Anna Kloareg * Al Letanant Schmidt O Kimiad Ar 5ved Kompagnunez * Donatien Laurent * Al Lez-Vamm * Gwerz Mari-Louiz * Gavoten Ar Menez * Ton Cranhuel * Kas A Barh * Lairde * The Devil In The Kitchen * Calum Crubach * The Black Snuff Mill * Sleepy Maggie * The Scottsville Reel * Roddy MacDonald’s Fancy * Hamish and The Stone * Ed Neigh’s Welcome To Cape Breton * Allan Gillis’ Reel * Kennedy Street March * The Miller o’ Drone * Lady Carmichael * The Night We Had The Goats * Marry Me Now * The Snuff Wife * Martha’s Vineyard * The Maid On The Green * Donnie MacGregor * Nelly Mahony’s * Pete Bradley’s * Jim Keefe’s * Sweeney’s Polka * Mike Ward’s Polka * The Glen Polka * Mediana A Pipia * Fiorassiu * Fiuda

Presented by the Lowland and Border Pipers Society in the Edinburgh Academy Assembly Hall, this is another wonderful evening of piping, showcasing a variety of pipes and piping styles.

The recorded artists are John MacLean (Highland bagpipe), Malcolm Robertson (small pipes), Patrick Molard (small pipes and biniou), St Lawrence O’Toole Pipe Band Quartet, and Orlando Mascia and Franco Melis (launeddas).

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