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14 tracks: Keepers * The Back Of The North Wind * Our Glens * Strong Women Rule Us All With Their Tears * The Back O’ The Aisler * Nowhere Else To Go * Yellow On The Broom * Birnie Bouzle * The Birks Of Invermay * Star O’ The Bar * Here’s A Health Tae The Sauters * Battle Of Waterloo * The Soor Milk Cairt * Let Us Drink And Go Hame.


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The McCalmans - Keepers

The McCalmans’ line-up on this album is Ian McCalman, Nick Keir & Derek Moffat.

The songs are from the pens of some of Scotland’s best songwriters, including a couple by Nick Keir (Keepers and Nowhere Else To Go) and a first from Derek Moffat (The Back of The Aisler), plus some traditional material.

The album also features Davy Steele’s Here’s A Health Tae The Sauters, Brian McNeill’s The Back O’ The North Wind and Strong Women Rule Us All With Their Tears, Adam McNaughtan’s classic Yellow On The Broom, Scotland The What’s hilarious Our Glens and more.

An excellent example of The McCalmans’ wide-ranging song material.

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