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Ian Green: 1934-2024

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16 tracks: A Man’s A Man for a’ That * Single Handed Sailor * Your Daughters And Your Sons * Niel Gow’s Apprentice * The Children Are Running Away * Kelvin Grove / Paddy’s Leather Britches / Behind The Haystack * War Outside * The White Collar Holler * I Feel Like Buddy Holly * Parade * Portnahaven * The 8-3-0 * Wha’ll Be King But Charlie * Father Mallory’s Dance * New Year’s Eve Song * Hermless.


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The McCalmans - Honest Poverty

Ian McCalman, Nick Keir and Derek Moffat are The McCalmans on this album.

They have established a reputation for close harmony vocals, choosing good songs and having a humorous stage presentation.

The group has several TV series to their credit and are hugely popular in the UK and Europe, especially Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands, but have also travelled far and wide around the globe.

The album was a ‘tongue-in-the cheek’ dedication to the Inland Revenue!

Top Greentrax group.

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