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Ian Green: 1934-2024

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14 tracks: The Birken Tree * Indiana * Song Of The Fishgutters * The Terror Time * The Pressers * Dumfries Hiring Fair * Dundee Weaver * The Bonnie Wee Lassie’s Answer * My Ain Countrie * Miller Tae Ma Trade * Davey Faa’ * Bonnie Lass Come Ower The Burn * Another Clearing Time * Di Nanina.


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Stravaig - Movin’ On

Stravaig are an all-women, four-piece group singing a-capella when live. They are Moira Greenwood, Susie Kelly, Phyllis Martin and Jean McMonies.

Davy Steele produced the album and played bodhran, congas, bongos and bouzouki, with Patsy Seddon (electro harp), Eilidh Shaw (fiddle), Fred Morrison (Lowland pipes, whistle), Roy Ashby (bass drum) and Thebe Lipere (djembe).

All great tracks but special mention for Di Nanina, a Zulu traditional song learned from a Miriam Makeba album.

Stravaig are joined by the group Umkambathi on this track.

“Their album proves that all four are superb singers, solo and in various combinations…”
(Evening News)

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