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Ian Green: 1934-2024

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10 tracks: The Pipe Tunes * Horace * The Point Road * Venus In Tweeds * Waiting for Conrad * Two Fifty To Vigo * Paranoia * Buying A Blanket * The Tammienorrie * The Point Road (Joiner’s Mix).


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Shooglenifty - Venus In Tweeds

The first album from the band who have transcended categories and genres, sampled the music from past and present and stirred it together in a loud, proud mix that’s taken them to the position of one of Scotland’s top live bands.

Wild crossover music played on fiddle (Angus Grant), banjo (Garry Finlayson), mandolin (Iain MacLeod), guitar (Malcolm Crosbie), bass (Conrad Ivitsky) drums and percussion (James Mackintosh).

A Greentrax bestseller and said by some to be their best album to date.

“This is the recording of your dreams, intelligently mixed, energetic and precise.”
(Dirty Linen)

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