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15 tracks: The Ferret Set * Scottish Piano Fusion * Bagpipe Jazz * Bagpipe Piano * Our Bard * Dannsaichean An Rathaid * Classical Fusion * Reeling Piano * Some Own Compositions * Lammermuir * Contemporary Gaelic Air * Gaelic Piano with Boxes * Lewis Cousins * Phil’s Airs * Piano Jigging.


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Sandy Meldrum - Scottish Piano Fusion

Sandy Meldrum, steeped in a Scottish musical background from childhood, plays both the piano and piano accordion. He is the first-ever Honours graduate in Traditional Piano from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Scottish Music Degree Course. In a very short time he has established himself as a full-time musician, touring with the legendary Fergie Macdonald as well as with other young musicians and solo. This is his debut album.

Sandy invited a host of other talented young musicians to session with him on the album:- Stuart Cassells (bagpipes), Stuart Cameron (piano accordion), Simon Moran (fiddle), Alyn Cosker (drums), Steven Graham (djembe), Celine Donoghue (tenor banjo), Tom Lyne (double bass), Fiona Hunter (cello), John Macdonald (button accordion), Calum Alex Macmillan (vocals) and Darren MacLean (vocals), plus Phamie Gow (clarsach), Fergie Macdonald (button accordion) and Dave Milligan (piano), who also co-produced the album with Sandy.

‘I am absolutely positive that this debut album will be one that goes down in history.’ (Phamie Gow)

‘The word is ‘brilliant’. I love this CD. Sandy has coupled his sophisticated music degree with the raw side of traditional music and presented us with an album that incorporates both sides of this great divide. I feel the music needed a new slant on it - this is it.’ (Fergie Macdonald)

‘A very talented young musician - Sandy has developed a keen sense of balance between his roots in Scottish traditional and dance-band music, and his instinct for exploring boundaries and new music. This album makes no small contribution to the ever-changing role of the piano in Folk and Celtic music.’ (Dave Milligan)

‘There is only one word to describe this album from Sandy Meldrum and that is ‘awesome’ - if there is no Gaelic equivalent word, then it’s time to invent one. Quite simply, Sandy has pushed Scottish music down a new route.’ (Bill Nolan)

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