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23 tracks: Dannsadh Tu Air Mo Ghluin * Hai A Waa Waa Waa * Aon Dha Tri * Uiseag Bheag Dhearg * Cluinn An Tiarneanach * B’ Fhearr Leam Bhith Nam Phiobaire * Tractar Buidhe Le Rothan Dubh * Calum Coinneanach * Maol Ruanaidh Ghlinneachain * Na Brogan Ura * Leis an Lurgainn * Ba Mo Leanabh Ba * Bodach Na Nollaig * Ille Bhig * Gealach Air Falach Fo’n Sgleo * Botunnan Mora * Na Siocainean * Am Piatan * Tic Toc Ars’ An Cloc * A’ Ghealach * Dannsaidh Giomach Ri Crubag * Am Bata Smuid * An t-Each Bocaidh.

English titles: Dandling Song * The Indian Song * 1,2,3 * Little Red Thrush * I Hear Thunder * I Want to Be a Piper * Yellow Tractor * Callum The Rabbit * Maol * New Shoes * Boat * Socks * Santa * Little Boy * Moon Behind The Clouds * Penny’s Dance * Christ Lullaby * The Pet Lamb * Tick Tock * The Moon * Crab * Steam Boat * Rocking Horse.


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Mairi MacInnes - Ticketty Boo

Mairi MacInnes is one of the foremost and most popular Gaelic singers in Scotland, and has recorded other albums for Greentrax.

These songs are studio-recorded but originate from the BBC TV children’s series of Gaelic programmes Orain Is Rannan.

In the studio, Mairi was accompanied by William Jackson (clarsach, whistles, keyboard, bodhran) and Tony McManus (guitar, fiddle).

A wonderful album for Gaelic and other children.

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