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15 tracks: Scottish Jigs: Nothing Can Sadden Us / Port Patrick / March of the Cameron Men * Highland Waltzes: The North Atlantic Waltz / The Springwell Waltz * The Glendaruel Highlanders * Slieve Gallen Braes * Pipe March and Jig: PM John Stewart / Marjorie Lowe / The Bernera Bridge * Miss Hamilton * 6/8 Pipe March and Reels: PM Norman Gillies’s Welcome to the Coigach Mod / Calum’s Untitled Reel / Ron Raine’s Reel * Helen Scott of Humbie * Scottish Reels: Bonnie Isobel Robertson / John Murray of Lochee / The Dogs * Hornpipe and March: Dinny O’Brien’s Hornpipe / The Burning Sands of Egypt * Slieve Na Mban * 2/4 March and Reels: Dugald McColl’s Farewell To France / The Green Mountain / John Keith Laing * Niel Gow’s Set (Jig, Strathspey and Reel): Lady Charlotte Murray’s Favourite / Mrs Moray of Abercairney / Mr Menzies f Culdare * Retreat March, Strathspey and Reel: Farewell to Cape Helles / MacKenzie Hay / The Spey in Spate * The Bloody Fields of Flanders.


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Kevin MacLeod & Alec Finn - Polbain To Oranmore

Alec Finn of De Dannan and Kevin MacLeod of The Occasionals share a passion for vintage mandolins, bouzoukis, resonator, slide and tenor guitars, crafted in the 20th century, the zenith of their development.

This spirited Scots/Irish collaboration features a wide range of great traditional Scottish tunes and highlights the wonderful sounds of these superb instruments.

Kevin recorded his debut solo album Springwell in 1999, on which both Alec Finn and Frankie Gavin (also of De Dannan) guested. When Kevin started planning a follow-up to Springwell, the idea of a complete string duet with Alec, playing Scottish tunes, became increasingly appealing to Kevin.

Alec, equally enthusiastic about the project, was delighted to come to Scotland to record the album and the time spent in the studio was a particularly enjoyable experience for these two gifted musicians.

A rare understanding developed between Kevin and Alec, with remarkable results as you will hear.

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