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November 2003
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11 tracks: The Clumsy Lover * Alehouse / The Ale Is Dear * Caledonia * Lexy MacAskill * Blue Dalzell * New Mullindhu * Wild Mountain Thyme * Jigtime * Flower of Scotland / Amazing Grace * Donald’s Little Cascade * Auld Lang Syne / Reels.

Keltik Elektrik vol 1

Hogmanay (Scottish New Year - in case you didn’t know!) has always been a big thing in Edinburgh. For years people would gather at the Tron Kirk in the High Street to await the midnight chimes, but the past few years have seen this traditional event grow into a major international celebration with visitors travelling from all over the world to join one of the biggest street parties on the planet.

This album of Scottish music aims to provide a wild and wicked soundtrack for New Year celebrations, wherever you may be. It’s meant for fun and not directed at the traditionalist, although we feel sure many of that ilk may well enjoy this unusual and unorthodox approach to the music!

With Jack Evans (guitars, banjo, whistle, programming), Sandy Brechin (accordion), Mairi Campbell (fiddle), Jim Malcolm (vocals) and John Martin (fiddle).

‘The party starts here’ (Rock ‘n’ Reel)

‘The ultimate Scottish party CD!’ (Folkworld)

‘From the ranks of the most talented on the Scottish music scene’ (Oban Times)

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