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21 tracks: An Till Mi Tuilleadh A Leodhas? * Theid Mi Dhachaigh * Ho Bha Mi He Bha Mi * Hion Dail-a Horo Hi * Tha Mo Dhuil * A Nighean Nan Geug * An Till Mise Chaoidh * Iain Shomaltaich * Ailein Duinn O Hi * Puirt * O’s Tu ‘S Gura Tu Th’Air M’Air * ‘S E Gillean Mo Ruin * Tha Sinn A’ Falbh * Oran Chaluim Sgaire * Bothan Airigh Am Braigh Raineach * O Co Thogas Dhiom An Fhadachd * Agus Ho Mhorag * Chuir M’Athair Mise Dhan Taigh Charraideach * Ged Is Grianach An Latha * Bhon Dh’Fhag Thu Mi’s Mulud Orm * Ceud Soiridh Soiridh Bhuam


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Joan MacKenzie - Seonag NicCoinnich

21 songs originally recorded for The School of Scottish Studies and the BBC by the wonderful Gaelic singer Joan MacKenzie from the Isle of Lewis.

Although a very popular singer among Gaelic radio listeners, Joan only made two commercial 45rpm albums, no longer available.

The recordings for this album were by Dr John MacInnes (1961, 1972), Dr Alasdair Maclean (1955) and James Ross (1955, 1960-61).

The selection of tracks was made by Morag MacLeod from the School tape archive. Morag also wrote the extensive sleeve notes.

A classic.

The Scottish Tradition Series consists of a selection of material previously held in the School of Scottish Studies Archives at the University of Edinburgh. The widely acclaimed collection is quite unique, and has been regarded as “the most important series of traditional recordings ever…”.

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