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12 tracks: Nuair Bha Mi Og * Coinneamh nan Croitearan * Eilean a Cheo * Soraidh Leis An Nollaig Uir * Soraidh Le Eilean a’ Cheo * Oran Beinn-Li * Camanachd Glaschu * Oran Sarachaidh * Clach Agus Mairi * Luchd na Beurla * Mar a Tha * Faistneachd Agus Beannachd Do Na Gaidheil.


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Catherine-Ann MacPhee - Sings Mairi Mhor

From the BBC TV film Mairi Mhor (Freeway Films). Musical director Jim Sutherland.

Mairi Mhor nan Oran (Big Mary of the Songs) began to write songs when she was 50. Long exiled from her native Skye and left a widow with five children to bring up, she was maliciously accused of petty theft, and even more maliciously put in prison in Inverness for 42 days. Anger and shame drove out the first song: Lucha na Beurla (The Speakers of English).

The album includes 12 songs written by Mairi Mhor and sung by the wonderful Cathy-Ann MacPhee - the soundtrack from the TV production of Mairi Mhor.

The musicians were Mary Ann Kennedy (clarsach, keyboards, backing vocals), Allan MacDonald (Highland bagpipe, whistles), John Martin (fiddle), Jim Sutherland (percussion) and Bannal Waulking Group (backing vocals).

Released by Greentrax in association with Freeway Films (John McGrath).

Another classic album from Cathy-Ann!

“This is a truly magnificent piece of work, worthy of a place in the collection of every Gaelic music lover…”
(The Gallery)

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