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October 2000
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14 tracks: Donald Angus Beaton Set * Alex MacDonnell’s Favourite * Captain O’Kane * St Elmo Clog Set * Memories of Father Charles MacDonald * Paulette Bissonnette Set * The Little Pickle * Trip to Mabou Ridge * E Minor Jigs * Father John Angus Rankin Set * Mrs Ferguson of Reaths * The Second Star Hornpipe Set * The Lockerbie Lament * Duncan Johnstone Set.

Original tracks from the celebrated Cape Breton fiddler. The last train left Judique Station a long time ago but The Judique Flyer, better known today as master Cape Breton fiddler Buddy MacMaster, is still making regular stops.

At the age of 76 MacMaster, who was recently named a member of the Order of Canada, continues to fly (though not by a train these days) down a track that takes him from his home just by the church in Judique, as you head to Inverness on Route 19, all the way to Scotland, the Yukon, Montana, Halifax and stops between.

Yet, when at home, he has a reputation for not being able to turn down a request to play at a party or wedding. He still plays weekly dances in Cape Breton, and when he does the fiddlers in town take all the front row seats.

Incredibly, given his stature in the world, this is only Buddy’s second official recording. It features Buddy MacMaster playing fourteen of his choicest medleys with fourtenn different accompanists, all with the exception of guitarist Dave MacIsaac, pianists. The list is a roll-call of some of Cape Breton’s best-known players: Joey Beaton, Betty Lou Beaton, Tracey Dares, Marie MacLellan, Maybelle Chisholm MacQueen, Dave MacIsaac, Joel Chaisson, Jackie Dunn, Mac Morin, Hilda Chaisson, Mary Jessie MacDonald, Howie MacDonald, Doug MacPhee and Mary Elizabeth MacInnis.

Listening closely to The Judique Flyer is a rich experience. Each accompanist throws a subtly different light on Buddy’s playing, making you even more aware of the inspiring lilt of his phrasing, his rock-solid timing and the wealth of subtly-integrated graces that make his sound and rhythm sparkle. As with all great players, the origin of their excellence is a mystery but one thing is certain - he has the magic touch!

‘He’s got it all - tone, timing, phrasing, expression, dynamics, choice of tunes. He’s almost the perfect fiddler’ (Dave MacIsaac)

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