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cover image for Stevie Palmer - Heartprint Shadow

Stevie Palmer - Heartprint Shadow (CD)

…Stevie is a former National Burnsong winner, and his song Black Is The Sun was included on the Far, Far From Ypres (World War 1) compilation.  He is a songwriter of great talent, whose story so far has been of high achievement and steady progress.  An album of original songs.

cover image for Far, Far From Ypres - The Concert (DVD)

Far, Far From Ypres - The Concert (DVD) (DVD)

…Palmer * Professor Gary West * Brian Miller * George Archibald * Charlie Milne * Tom Ward * Allan Prior * Kenny MacDonald * John Blackwood * Jim Weatherston * Dennis Wilson * Gordon Stewart * Peter Heywood (overhead slide projection) * Norman Gore * Donald Hay. The cast of…

cover image for Far, Far From Ypres - Songs, Poems & Music Of World War One

Far, Far From Ypres - Songs, Poems & Music Of World War One (double CD)

…Palmer, who later recorded a solo album for Greentrax called Heartprint Shadow. The BBC Radio Scotland presenter Iain Anderson reads three poems and acts as narrator on stage which he does brilliantly. Greentrax is greatly indebted to all the artists on this album. The songs and music for CD2 were…

cover image for Music And Song From Scotland - The Greentrax 25th Anniversary Collection

Music And Song From Scotland - The Greentrax 25th Anniversary Collection (double CD)

…2011 sees Greentrax Recordings Ltd celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a double CD collection for the price of one CD. The double CD is a compilation of 25 tracks, plus two bonus tracks, all of very special relevance and significance to the label and its managing director, Ian Green. The…


News Articles

May 2020 release from Stevie Palmer

Palmer, who wrote Black Is The Sun, one of the most popular songs in the Far, Far From Ypres stage presentation of 2018, has finished recording his new album, scheduled for release on 1st May 2020.  Stevie has written a clutch of wonderful new songs and his guest artists include…


The Singing Sixties with Barbara Dickson and Friends

Palmer * Harry Cullen * Charlie Milne * George Archibald * May Weatherston * Jim Weatherston * Allan Prior * Carole Prior * Andy Ramage * Ann Murray * Fiona Forbes * John Barrow * Ann O’Toole * Ann Allan * Bill Hill * Cass (Gordon) Stewart * John Allan…


Far, Far From Ypres Stage Show

Palmer, Mairi MacInnes (Gaelic song), John Blackwood, Fiona Forbes, Anne Murray, George Archibald, Charlie Milne, Jim Weatherston, May Weatherston, Peter McCulloch, Kenny MacDonald, Gordon Stewart, Norman Gore (snare drum), Donald Hay (snare drum), Brian Miller (guitar), Tom Ward (concertina), Dennis Wilson, Carol Prior and Allan Prior. The narrator was BBC…



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