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cover image for Ian Bruce and Ian Walker - Born To Rottenrow (DVD & CD)

Ian Bruce and Ian Walker - Born To Rottenrow (DVD & CD) (CD and DVD set)

…Ian Bruce and Ian Walker are well known singers and songwriters in their own right, and were in fact a hardworking duo some years back, but then decided to go their own solo ways. Recently the duo re-formed under the name Bruce & Walker and have been gigging around Scotland…

cover image for Ian Green - Fuzz To Folk (Trax Of My Life)

Ian Green - Fuzz To Folk (Trax Of My Life) (book)

…Green, the policeman who founded the successful independent Scottish record label Greentrax Recordings. 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of Scotland’s leading folk record label Greentrax Recordings, an important milestone in the impressively varied and colourful life of founder Ian Green. In Fuzz To Folk, Ian chronicles his 76 years of…

cover image for Ian Hardie - A Breath Of Fresh Airs

Ian Hardie - A Breath Of Fresh Airs (CD)

…Greentrax in 1986 and having just celebrated our 25th Anniversary it seemed appropriate to re-release this excellent and very special album for the first time on CD. Ian Hardie is an outstanding fiddle player and multi-instrumentalist, who played in many fine folk groups which sprang out of the very vibrant…

cover image for Alistair Ogilvy - Leaves Sae Green

Alistair Ogilvy - Leaves Sae Green (CD)

…ian Of The Year’ Award in both 2011 and 2012, and won the Traditional Music And Song Association’s ‘Young Singer Of Merit’ award the same year. Alistair has already appeared at many folk clubs and festivals in the UK and his songs have been aired on several Radio Scotland programmes.…

cover image for McCalman Singular (Songs By Ian, Sung By Friends)

McCalman Singular (Songs By Ian, Sung By Friends) (CD)

…Green of Greentrax phoned me. He’s a good lad but a trouble-maker and he knew what my answer would be to his question: ‘Would you be interested in recording a solo album for Greentrax?’ Answer: ‘No!’ Question ‘Why not?’ Answer ‘I can’t sing that well.’ Question ‘Well it never stopped…

cover image for Aileen Carr - Green Yarrow

Aileen Carr - Green Yarrow (CD)

…iano at musical evenings at home. Aileen’s family could not afford piano lessons for her but that didn’t hold back Aileen’s interest in music and song. In true folk singing style she would happily sing to people as a little girl and as a teenager was encouraged to sing and…

cover image for Ian & Gordon Duncan - A Few Tunes And Mair

Ian & Gordon Duncan - A Few Tunes And Mair (book)

…Ian Duncan released this collection of tunes in 1987. It has been re-published after a few years out-of-print. This contains many great Gordon tunes and arrangements, many of which featured in the selections of the Vale in those years, as well as in medleys of all the top bands and…

cover image for Brian McNeill - No Silence

Brian McNeill - No Silence (CD)

…Green is proud of the fact that all Brian’s recorded work since leaving Battlefield Band, of which he was a founder member, has been released on the Greentrax label and the partnership with Brian is a strong one. In addition to recording for Greentrax, Brian has also produced several fine…

cover image for John Campbell Munro - The Kelly Collection

John Campbell Munro - The Kelly Collection (CD)

…Greentrax in 2007. John sadly died, far too young, in 2018 after a long battle with cancer. All the songs on this CD are written by John and recorded by Pete Titchener only a few months before John’s death. Musicians: John Campbell Munro (vocals, guitar and mandolin); Emma Luker (fiddle…

cover image for Sandy Bell’s Broadsheet

Sandy Bell’s Broadsheet (book)

…Green.  A 12-page newspaper of articles by Dolly MacLennan, Jim Gilchrist, Dick Gaughan, Ian McCalman, Ronnie Browne, Hector Christie and others.  News, views, humour and more.  Already being described as “brilliant”.

cover image for Dick Gaughan - The Harvard Tapes

Dick Gaughan - The Harvard Tapes (CD)

…Green heard the recordings and agreed this was “vintage Dick Gaughan” and the recordings would make a wonderful live album. Dick Gaughan approved wholeheartedly, and Brian O’Donovan granted their use at no cost. Some of Dick’s all-time greats are on these Harvard tapes: Erin Go Bragh, Now Westlin Winds, Song…

cover image for Tony McManus and Julia Toaspern - Live In Concert

Tony McManus and Julia Toaspern - Live In Concert (CD)

…Greentrax label in 1995 and Live In Concert will be the seventh Tony McManus album to be released by Greentrax Recordings. This has been a long, happy and lasting relationship. Julia Toaspern is a multi-talented musician from Berlin who combines classical training on violin and voice with a wide interest…

cover image for Malinky - Handsel

Malinky - Handsel (double CD)

…Greentrax is proud of the long association with award-winning Malinky, which indicates an exceptional relationship and a loyalty that is not always evident in the music business. Malinky is one of the all-time great bands to join Greentrax in the past 33 years and arguably one of the best traditional…

cover image for Alexander McCall Smith and James Ross - These Are The Hands

Alexander McCall Smith and James Ross - These Are The Hands (CD)

…Greentrax label. His second recording, Chasing the Sun, was a co-commission by Celtic Connections and The Blas Festival. Recent projects have included The Boy and the Bunnet, a words-and-music piece for children and a soundtrack for Theatre Workshop Scotland’s film The Happy Lands. The songs are performed by singers Michelle…

cover image for Dougie Mackenzie with Brian Miller - Along The Way

Dougie Mackenzie with Brian Miller - Along The Way (CD)

…Green for a listen. Ian was so impressed with the singing and the selection of songs, plus the quality of the recording, that he immediately contacted Dougie and invited him to join the Greentrax label. Dougie was delighted. The album includes several traditional ballads and songs: The Bonny Wee Lassie’s…

cover image for Christine Kydd - Shift and Change

Christine Kydd - Shift and Change (CD)

…Greentrax has previously released two duo albums featuring Christine with Janet Russell - Janet Russell & Christine Kydd and Dancin’ Chantin’ - both available as downloads, as well as Christine’s solo album Dark Pearls on the Culburnie label. Christine has also recorded with Chantan and Sinsheen.

cover image for Sineag MacIntyre - Lòn Bàn

Sineag MacIntyre - Lòn Bàn (CD)

…Greentrax debut album of Gaelic songs, produced by Iain MacDonald, Sineag has the support of top musicians Sarah Hoy (fiddle), Mhairi Hall (piano), Gillie MacKenzie (vocals), Kathleen MacInnes (vocals), Seonaidh MacIntyre (whistles, Highland & small pipes), Katie Shaw (step-dance), Iain MacDonald (whistles & concertina), Ewan MacPherson (guitar & mandolin) and…

cover image for Far, Far From Ypres - The Concert (DVD)

Far, Far From Ypres - The Concert (DVD) (DVD)

…Green * Dick Gaughan * Ian McCalman * Iain Anderson (narrator) * Ian Bruce * Stephen Quigg * Stevie Palmer * Professor Gary West * Brian Miller * George Archibald * Charlie Milne * Tom Ward * Allan Prior * Kenny MacDonald * John Blackwood * Jim Weatherston * Dennis…

cover image for Duncan McCrone - Land Of Gold

Duncan McCrone - Land Of Gold (CD)

…Greentrax, who welcome him warmly to the fold. The tracks include: Land Of Gold, featuring the wonderful Gaelic singer Kathleen MacInnes, about a girl who left the Hebrides to seek her fortune in Canada’s Yukon Valley; If Wishes Were Fishes, an Eric Bogle song loved by Ian Green’s wife June…

cover image for A C Weir - This Has Been Me Since Yesterday

A C Weir - This Has Been Me Since Yesterday (CD)

…Greentrax is honoured to be invited to release the album. The album was recorded at Stealth Studios, Glasgow, between October 2016 and September 2017 by Eddie MacArthur. Artwork is by Raymond Weir and Eddie MacArthur. Session musicians are Raymond Weir (guitar, keyboards, harmonica, drums, backing vocals), Graham Weir (drums, percussion),…


News Articles

Ian Green Awarded Local Business Hero

Greentrax Recordings Managing Director Ian Green as the winner of their Local Business Hero award. Ian is absolutely delighted and the Greentrax staff are all very proud of him. The award presenter said: Ian himself has done so much to restore and promote the reputations of Scottish music and culture…


Happy Birthday Ian Green!

Greentrax - Ian Green - was 80 years young on 29th January! He was overwhelmed with birthday wishes and it was impossible to acknowledge each.  Thanks to all from Ian!


June Green

Ian’s wife June died in the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh on Saturday 7th October 2017.    The funeral took place on 18th October at Mortonhall Crematorium, Edinburgh.


Death of Ian Hardie

Green was proud to have Ian Hardie on the Greentrax books and considered him a good friend as well as a great musician.  He will be sadly missed.


Christine Kydd performances in 2020

…Christine is working on a project at Kirrie Connections over three years, funded by the RS Macdonald Charitable Trust. She is also running an inclusive singers project based on folk and trad songs at Kirrie Connections: Kirrie’s Singin’. See Christine’s February 2019 Greentrax album release Shift and Change. green


Duncan McCrone - Resurrection Road (A Clydeside Carol)

Greentrax is taking the unusual step of releasing the song as a Christmas single this month. The track includes special guest vocalist Rab Noakes and is being released by Greentrax as a single for Christmas 2019. Duncan McCrone writes: “To those of us lucky enough to be safe, warm and…


September 2019 Album News

Greentrax has had a busy year with seven new releases so far, which are all doing well, including Malinky - Handsel, receiving brilliant press coverage and radio play; Tony McManus and Julia Toaspern Live In Concert, touring all over North America and Europe; while sales of the John Campbell Munro…


August 2019 News

Greentrax again acknowledges Brian O’Donovan of Cambridge, Massachusetts, who recorded the 1982 concert and then freely allowed the recordings to be used for this release, thus helping Dick. Pre-release orders for John Campbell Munro’s The Kelly Collection have been very encouraging. The album consists of songs of the notorious Ned…


July 2019 News

Green are reviving the old Sandy Bell’s Broadsheet with a one-off special edition to mark the occasion of The Singing Sixties, with contributions from some amazing personalities. We’ll not spoil things by announcing the contributors yet but rest assured it will be a 12-page SBB of great interest, humour and…


50th Anniversary of Rankin File

…of Ian McCalman’s The Singing Sixties - Songs Which Stood The Test Of Time with Barbara Dickson and friends. Buy tickets for Brack’n’File Sing The Iain Rankin Songbook here. Buy tickets for Iain Rankin’s solo show here. Buy the CD Rankin File - For The Record at Greentrax. green


The Singing Sixties with Barbara Dickson and Friends

ians to join locals in mighty harmony.   If you were around then and can’t remember that era, you were probably in Sandy Bell’s bar with that lot, singing just for the joy of it. Many classic traditional and contemporary chorus songs will be reprised and you’re invited to join in.…


February 2019 News

Greentrax. Malinky are currently finishing off a new studio album which will be available in March 2019. It will be packaged along with a second CD of tracks selected from their previous five albums, plus some live tracks. The double CD package will sell for the price of one CD.…


Far, Far From Ypres is STMA Event Of The Year 2018

Green attending the WWI Battlefields tour with Mercat Tours of Edinburgh some years ago. Ian came back and could not rest until he had compiled the double CD Far, Far From Ypres with the help of Ian McCalman. “From small acorns mighty oak trees grow” is applicable in this case. …


September 2018 News

Green went on the Far, Far From Ypres Concert Tour of Oban, Portree and Ullapool, offering the CD Far, Far From Ypres - Songs, Poems and Music of World War I and the newly released DVD Far, Far From Ypres - The Concert. Sales were brisk and mail orders for…


Artist Performances in August 2018

Greentrax released A Double Album Reflecting The Talents of Nick Keir. This remarkable 2CD collection is available for the price of one CD. Ticket sales for the Far, Far From Ypres stage presentation, produced by Ian McCalman and with a cast of 25, are going well. The concert will be…


Far, Far From Ypres Stage Show

Greenock shows - 2014 After selling out The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall at Celtic Connections 2014 and receiving two standing ovations in the emotionally charged main auditorium, this moving show was presented several times again in the year of Homecoming Scotland 2014. It was also in commemoration of the 100th…


Scots Of The Spanish Civil War

Greentrax will be offering the album ¡No Pasaran! (They Shall Not Pass) - Scots In The Spanish Civil War at a Special Offer price.


November 2017 News

Green’s wife June Green on 7th October, after a long illness. This month’s Special Offer as we approach Armistice Day is Far, Far From Ypres - Songs, Poems & Music Of World War One. A double CD, this album consists of World War One soldiers’ marching and trench songs, with…


June 2017 News

Greentrax albums to accompany each tapestry are available: The Scottish Diaspora - The Music And The Song and The Battle Of Prestonpans 1745 - Music And Song Of The Campaign. This month, the Bruce & Walker (Ian Bruce and Ian Walker) Born To Rottenrow CD & DVD set is available on…


April 2017 News

Green reports that Pipe Major Iain McLeod of Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band (Lothian & Borders Pipe Band) passed away at the end of March, after a fall at home resulting in a hip fracture. Iain led the Band from 1959 until his retirement from the Police in 1978. Under…



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