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September 2018
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Until his untimely death earlier in 2018, John Munro was Eric Bogle’s constant musical companion for many years, but John was also a fine songwriter in his own right. These two albums highlight some of John’s best work and Greentrax is proud to recommend them to you.

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The idea of the Australian/Scottish album The Emigrant And The Exile was suggested to Eric Bogle by Ian Green. Eric and John Munro, aided and abetted by Brent Miller, recorded fifteen songs with guitar, bass guitar and mandolin accompaniment in The John Reynolds Studio, Adelaide, Australia. The multi-track tapes were then flown to Scotland and at Pier House Studios, Edinburgh, additional instrumental backing was dubbed on to the Australian tapes by Dougie Pincock (pipes, whistle, sax), Phil Cunningham (accordion, keyboards), Ron Shaw (cello), Duncan MacGillivray (harmonica, guitar) and fiddle, concertina, bouzouki and keyboards by Brian McNeill (who produced and mixed the album).

John Munro decided to make the album Plying My Trade of (mostly) his own songs, and to feature guitar and mandolins and not much more… but it grew - due to the inescapable talent that surrounds him in Adelaide. John remarked that the album “is the richer for it”. John’s songs are about things that matter to him, from the country that bore him to the one that has given him his home and family - from love songs to stories of personal tragedy, and from rants against political correctness to his hopes for the future of the world.

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