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​CD1 (11 tracks): Sound Of Singing * Leaving The Land * Silly Slang Song * Mirrors * A Reason For It All * Flying Finger Filler * Vanya * Don’t You Worry About That * Somewhere In America * Them Old Song Writing Blues * Rosie

​CD2 (13 tracks): Feed The Children * Singing The Spirit Home * Leaving Nancy * Now I’m Easy * Plastic Paddy * No Man’s Land * Never Again / Remember * Short White Blues * Welcome Home * Daniel Smiling * Eric And The Informers * Shelter * The Gift of Years


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Eric Bogle - I Wrote This Wee Song

“This double CD has 25 tracks and is a showcase of the work of one of the finest songwriters of the modern age. Eric Bogle has written hundreds of songs of which very few fail to grab either the head the heart or the laugh muscles. He is one of the great unknowns for many people. They love his songs but don’t have a clue of who he is. They heard Green Fields Of France or Leaving Nancy by some other group and assume either that they wrote them or they are traditional songs picked up like berries on a bramble bush - free, beautiful and underrated… To have this live collection is a must, as you will hear the maestro introduce and sometimes set the songs in context. If you do not have a Bogle CD in your collection, here is a chance to remedy your shortcomings…”

Nicky Rossiter,

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