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June 2002

14 tracks: VA * Ox * Annie * White Crow * Gravel Walks * Foxhunter’s * Strathspey / Reel Set * 10 Grand * Silver Spear * Magnus Memory * The Scrutch Blanket Set * 004 * My New Pants * Attack of the Flying Slugs.

There’s a youthfulness abounding in the Celtic music scene these days. It’s fresh, energetic and fused with a sound that has a rich international flavour. It’s Slainte Mhath (pronounced Slawncha Va).

The innovative Cape Breton quintet is keeping its traditional roots firmly planted, with a determination to making 21st century Celtic music and bringing it to a global audience.

The Slainte Mhath (Gaelic for ‘good health to you’) sound draws from a wide range of influences. This high-energy group features traditional instruments associated with the Celtic genre and adds drumbeats, hooks, and sub-bass lines, all augmented with contemporary arrangements.

The diverse and cultural background of Slainte Mhath includes the musical versatility of Lisa Gallant (bodhran, fiddle and step-dancing), Boyd MacNeil (octave mandolin, fiddle, guitars and percussion), Ryan MacNeil (keyboards and percussion), Brian Talbot (drums and percussion) and John MacPhee (Highland bagpipes, Scottish reel pipes and Irish flute).

Slainte Mhath’s new sounds explode on their new album VA, a title which is meant to represent the phonetic pronunciation of Slainte Mhath’s last name. VA takes the fiercely talented young generation of musicians to another realm of creativity - combining those deep traditional influences with modern-day nuances that will set popular culture on its ear.

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