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CD1 (The Living Arts Centre, Ontario) 10 tracks (64 mins) The Farewell: The Golden Tooth / The Farewell March / Charlie Hardie’s Reel / Frank Gilruth Reel / McArthur Road Reel * The Fairy Dance: The Fairy Bridge Clog / A Salute to Angus Chisholm / The Maid of Castlebar / The Kylebrack Rambler / The Fairy Dance * Torna A Surriento: Torna A Surriento / Reel For Brenda / The Flamenco Fling * Bog an Lochan Stepd: Bog an Lochan / Prince Charlie’s Reel / Gabe Arsenault / Grant’s Reel * Blue Bonnets Over the Border * Welcome To the Trossachs / Memories of Winston / Highlander’s Farewell to Ireland / The Gravel Walk / Colonel Thorton / The Hurricane * David’s Jig / Valerie Pringle’s Reel * Tullochgorum: Coilsfield House / Mary Scott / Tullochgorum / Primrose Lasses / Sean sa Cheo / The Dublin Reel * The ‘A’ Medley: Memories of Paddy LeBlanc / Sandy Cameron Strathspey / Lucy Campbell Strathspey / The Picnic Reel / Old King’s Reel / Miss Lyle Reel / The Contradiction * The Encore: Last Night’s Fun / Lord Seaforth’s Reel / A Winston Jig / The Olympic Reel.

CD2 (Glencoe Mills Hall, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia) 9 tracks (42 mins) Intro * Jigs: The Knoght’s of St.Patrick / Jerry’s Beaver Hat / The Montana Jig / Paddy O’Rafferty * Jigs: The Two Mile Bridge / The Champion Jig / Little Jack’s Jig / Jackson’s Fancy * Reels: Master McDermott’s / Lord Gordon’s / Lively Steps / The Forth Bridge / Tammy Sullivan’s / The Holly Bush / Rannie MacLellan’s / Angus Chisholm’s Style * Jigs: The Humours of Castle Corner / The Stonehouse JIg / Malcolm’s New Fiddle * Pipe Jigs: Scotty Fitzgerald’s Jig / The Piper’s Whim / A Donald Glen Angus / The Weaver and his Wife * Grand Promenade Reels: Lady Gordon of Gordonstown / The Fife Hunt / The Marquis of Queensbury / The Auld Stewards of Fothergill / The Bird’s Nest / Laybourne’s Hornpipe / You’re Welcome Charlie Stewart / Donald MacGugan’s Rant / Jenny Pippins / Steer the Gill / A John Campbell Reel / The Pitnacree Ferryman * Stepdancers Queue Strathspeys and Reels: The Old Kings Strathspey / Lochiel’s Awa’ to France / The Gladstone / Miss Betty Ann Gordon / The Olive Branch / Dinky Dorrian’s / The Muileann Dubh / The Maid of Castlebar / The Kylebrack Rambler * One Good Holler Reels: Mouth of the Tobique / The Night We Had the Goats / The Gravel Walk.


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Natalie MacMaster - Live

19-track double CD.

The first disc is a concert set recorded at the Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, for a My Roots Are Showing broadcast on CBC in 2001. Natalie MacMaster (fiddle, stepdancing) with Allan Dewar (piano), Brad Davidge (guitars), John Chaisson (bass), Miche Pouliot (drums, percussion), Kim Dunn (keybooards), Daniel diSilva (percussion) and guest stepdancers.

The second disc is a square dance recorded live at the Glencoe Hall, Glencoe Mills, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, in 1997. Natalie MacMaster (fiddle) with Dave MacIsaac (guitar) and Joel Chaisson (piano).

Both discs feature Natalie MacMaster in full flight on fiddle and feet, with storming sessions of Cape Breton tunes. Guest stepdancers perform at the concert, and a whole hall full of dancers step, hoot and holler their way through the square dance.

Ever since she picked up a fiddle at the age of nine, there’s been no stopping Cape Breton musical meteor Natalie MacMaster. Already an enthusiastic step-dancer, within hours Natalie was mastering simple tunes: three months later she gave her first concert and at age sixteen recorded her first album.

From Aberdeen to Auckland, the USA to the Far East, Natalie MacMaster has intoxicated audiences everywhere with the tremendous verve and vigour of her live performances. With several albums and a clutch of music industry awards and nominations under her belt, Natalie truly has the world at her feet.

“There is nothing like the thrill of performing live. The audience plays a big role in that. There are many nights when I am just channelling their energy into the music and that inspires creativity and new life.”
(Natalie MacMaster)

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